Creative / Eco-Tourism Report
On 1st of August 2011, we the cohort 6 fellows all went to Eco tourism. We left Hubli at 8pm by bus to Bangalore; from Bangalore to Kuppam we travelled by train. There we visited Agasthya International Foundation. It has a huge campus nearly 170 acres surrounded by forest and natural recourses. Here Mr.Laksh Kumar, Mr.Udaya Kumar and Mr. Nagaraj were taken care of us. The accommodated all fellows in their guest house.

At 10 am we divided into three groups. Group one went to transact walk and did topography map of the area which they allocated to the group. Group two and three did PLA (Participatory Learning Activity). During PLA Mr. Udayakumar explained very well about plants like Catnick, Occasiya, Banduri, Brain Booster, Punrnava and Calotropic, Tiloporia Hastamatica etc. Also he explained about the uses of all plants, some of them plants ware using for Medicinal purpose. Banduri plant is using for bone fracture it helps to joint broken bone and Punrnava plant it helps to Sugar patents and also it helps to cure Kidney.
Both groups were divided their PLA places for survey. During survey fellows ware observe the things which created by human and naturally made. At last both groups completed their survey. All three groups completed their activity at 1pm and gathered at a given place; here all three groups were gathered and explained about their experiences while transact walk and PLA. After this all of us went to lunch break.
After lunch we played a game called Chinese whisper, in this game we learned about coordination and confidentiality. The game was mainly focusing on listening. Evening we went to see some animals, all fellows were very enthusiastic to see animals didn’t found any animals.
On second day early morning we went to watch birds, at this time we saw some birds like crow, king fisher, great caucus, kembuta, love birds and mina.
After breakfast we went to see Kangondi Fort. This Fort was surrounded by trees and mountain. It was a very old Fort and it’s very interesting to visit.
Afternoon we divided in to two groups and constructed a circle wall for a tree and cement bench near Volley ball ground. The raw materials provided by Agasthya team we used our manpower to complete this task. To constructed this with cement, sand bricks and waste water bottles. Then Sir thought us about vertical plantation by using of waste water bottles, it was new learning for us. The same day evening we visited to a community to watch the activities of Agastya Foundation. Here Foundation was distributing plants and also they are running classes for drop out children.
Last day we visited to all departments of Agastya Foundation CTC, Biology lab, Art lab and also Chemistry lab. Finally we visited Creative Training Center, in this center they were giving training about Bridge making for teachers of government school.
We came back to DCSE on 5th of August. This creativity/ Eco tourism was very interesting and gave good learning for me. Through this trip we got time to understand our co fellows deeply and clearly.
Hi friends here I am shearing my experiences about 5K marketing challenge.In which we have to do marketing activities for seven days,for this challenge foundation will give us 5000/-rs, from that investment we should make a profit of 2500/-rs.
In this 5k challenge i was in a group of three members.Mahesh.VK, Shiva kumar Yadav and I decided to sell T-shirts, Shirts and Jeans pants from branded companies like Reebok, Nike and Puma.Before a week we experienced marketing by move marketing module where we earned 135/-rs profit in three hours from 500/-investment. In 5k we must make profit and we had a huge challenge in front of us. even though we made 3840/-rs profit in that we deducted our expenses of 700/-rs.
In this 5k challenge we sold T-Shirts, Shirts,Caps,Umbrellas,Jeans pants and Boiled Eggs. This challenge was very needful to understand the market and it's need. through this we learned the marketing skills,like Identification of proper place,product and time to sell the product.
Marketing needs patience and confidence. Marketing is stand on four p’s,
1) Price
2) Product.
3) Place.
4) Promotion.
First We must to understand the customer wants, then we can should start the business. Good relationship with customers will also help us to increase our business. The main part is getting customers, but maintaining the customers for long time also a big challenge, it requires lot of networking and listening skills.
Through this I learned many things. Pricing of our products depend upon market situation, Quality products will always get marketed easily. Mainly we developed skills like Patience, Confidence, Convincing, and negotiation.
Here I have posted some pictures of our 5k marketing please go through it.
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On 7th of May we conducted a RTI rally at Dharwad District's 5 villages. We went to Medikoppa, Ramapura, Siddapura, Veerapur and Kallapura To gave awareness on the Act. Early morning we visited the village and discussed with villagers about the rally. They agreed to support and they took initiative in all our program. First we did a street play on RTI Act 2005. In our group we were 15 fellows, each of us took initiative to get success in this activity. IN Kallapur village villagers were prepared food for all fellows.

Through this I learned that, we should prepare before conducting any activity. Without preparation we cannot get success in any activity.
At the end of the Rally we Filed 125 RTI cases in different government Offices.It gave me courage to conduct these type of Rally and activities.
While learning the RTI module Ajay taught us about advantages and disadvantages of RTI act,Through this we can seek information of any government office,project, officer and any organization which took help from government.
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Suzanne madam taught us about health. Health means physical and mental and social well being. Then she taught us public health and global health. She showed one video about public health, it shows health is our beside environmental. Global health means public health.
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